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The Latest Leelanau County Blotter & 911 Call Report

By Ticker Staff | Jan. 25, 2023

The Leelanau Ticker is back with a look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the January 17 to January 23 call reports.

10:03:36am 1/17/2023 Welfare Check Leelanau Twp., Caller has not spoken with her friend for several days, concerned about her. 

1:51:16pm 1/17/2023 Motor Vehicle Crash Rollover S Lake Shore Dr., Rolled car. Waiting on hook. Bingham has vehicle. 

2:41:01pm 1/17/2023 Arrest Warrant Suttons Bay Twp., Parole violation. 

12:30:34am 1/18/2023 Convulsion/Seizure Suttons Bay., Priority 1. 

7:57:14am 1/18/2023 Burn Permit Green Lake Twp., Burning a brush pile. 

11:15:12am 1/18/2023 Vehicle Fire S Schomberg Rd., Fire is out. Will be mopping up for a little bit. 

12:54:06pm 1/18/2023 Animal Control Bite W Seventh St & N Ransom St., At dog park and Norman the dog knocked down caller’s 2-year-old child and bit her. 

5:50:01pm 1/18/2023 Info S Schomberg Rd & E Gauthier Rd., Two people walking on side of road in dark clothing. Caller does not think its a good idea, they should be wearing brighter colors. 

1:16:32am 1/19/2023 Road Hazard S Lake Shore Dr & E Kabat Rd., Caller is reporting a black cow near above location text. Mr. Flores, he will go look for the cow. Mr. Flores called back. The cow is back in pasture. 

10:37:14am 1/19/2023 Leave Scene Motor Vehicle Crash Elmwood Charter Twp., Overnight someone hit her address marker, car parts strewn about. Damage to green address marker only.  

11:34:04am 1/19/2023 Fire Lines Arcing W Whispering Pines Ln., Branch in trees, branches are on fire. Consumers notified. Consumers on scene. Released by consumers.

1:35:33pm 1/19/2023 Motor Vehicle Crash Rollover S Cedar Rd., Pick-up truck on its side. Flashers are on. Black GMC. Priority 1. Bingham en route. 

2:07:56pm 1/19/2023 Vehicle Fire Elmwood Charter Twp., Snowblower on fire. Flames at muffler, small tank is half full. Per command, fire is out. 

3:26:52pm 1/19/2023 Info E Duck Lake Rd., Caller reported a broken down vehicle that has lost its driveshaft. Will be on the side of the road with hazards on. Will be working on getting a driveshaft. If unable, will have the vehicle towed tomorrow. 

4:01:35pm 1/19/2023 Traumatic Injury Traverse City., Female with a concussion. 

6:44:30pm 1/19/2023 Suspicious Incident Elmwood Charter Twp., Coworker took phone call, individual on the line said he was a court marshal, said he had to count money referring to an ongoing investigation. Owner is aware, did not give out any financial information, advised to contact owner if it happens again. 

7:13:53pm 1/19/2023 Road Hazard E Bellinger Rd & E Darga Rd., Caller is reporting a man walking very close to the road, caller almost hit him and is concerned. Unable to locate anyone walking on the road. 

8:35:23am 1/20/2023 Motor Vehicle Crash S West-Bay Shore Dr & E Lakev SBRC notified of stop sign being down and icy conditions. Request Bingham. Minor damage, may need tire when Bingham arrives. Bingham has vehicle. 

4:59:50pm 1/20/2023 Animal Control Found E Lavassar Rd., Blood hound, brown and black, 80 lbs, no collar. Female, in field between Lingaur and Lavassar. 

11:25:34pm 1/21/2023 Gun Shots Bingham Twp., Heard about 5 gunshots across the road and finds it suspicious for how late it is. In the area. Sat across from caller’s house and could not hear any gunshots. 

11:58:29pm 1/21/2023 Alarm Burglar Entry Leland Twp., Simplisafe residential alarm. 

1:42:29pm 1/22/2023 Suspicious Incident Centerville Twp., Found front door was damaged, looks like it has been damaged with a crow bar. Son-in-law thinks there may have been a break-in attempt. 

2:16:39pm 1/22/2023 Citizen Assist Cedar Recycle 45-05 being flagged down by citizen. It was a village personnel who found some damage to a fence. They’ll decide how they want to move forward and if needed, will contact the supervising officer. 

5:29:11pm 1/22/2023 Animal Control Found N Christianson Rd., Two dogs, medium size black with red legs, other is red and brown. GTB11 AND GTB10 located the dogs, owner is at work. 

9:08:05pm 1/22/2023 Traffic Violation W Traverse Hwy & S Maple City., Grey Subaru Outback passing on a double yellow and driving erratically. All units out of position. 

11:09:21am 1/23/2023 Animal Control Large S Maple Valley Rd., Chocolate lab in the area, no collar. Made contact with caller. Caller stated dog is no longer in the area at this time. Chocolate lab running with a bloodhound. Was able to catch the bloodhound. The lab is still running around on Veronica Valley. Chocolate lab returned to owner. 

3:02:12pm 1/23/2023 Info S Herman Rd., Vehicle off on the side of the road. Will be removing it today. Is not blocking the road. 

7:23:48pm 1/23/2023 Assisting Department Bingham Twp., 45-07 assisting with an investigation. 

10:24:20pm 1/23/2023 Citizen Assist Suttons Bay., Subject hit a traffic cone at speedway, he will call back if there is damage to his undercarriage. 


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The Latest Leelanau County Blotter & 911 Call Report

The Leelanau Ticker is back with a look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls ...

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