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Latest Leelanau Blotter and 911 Report

By Ticker Staff | Nov. 12, 2021

The Leelanau Ticker returns with a look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the Nov. 3 to Nov. 9 call reports:

6:52am 11/03/21 Motor Vehicle Crash, S. Benzonia Trail Bus driver reporting vehicle in ditch, did not stop. Big Dog Towing on scene, Benzonia Trail blocked for just a minute while they get him out.

9:45pm 11/03/21 Traffic Violation, DeYoung Natural Area. Blue Volvo west bound on Cherry Bend swerving all over the roadway.

9:56pm 11/04/21 Car/Deer, N. Eagle Hwy & E. Alpers, Reporting party hit a deer on Eagle Hwy. near Alpers Road, continued driving to the south for the report. Reporting party thinks the deer may still be alive, going to check it out. Unable to locate the deer.

1:36am 11/05/21 Suspicious Vehicle, Goodrick, 45-15 followed a vehicle into Grand Traverse County, it was going over 100 mph. One in custody.

10:00am 11/05/21 Malicious Damage of Property, Empire Township, Arrived at the farm, smelled propane, found that someone had sabotaged his propane tanks by cutting one of the lines.

12:29pm 11/05/21 Animal Control Injury, S. Elk Run, An injured coyote running around the complex for a few days, may have been hit by a car.

3:16pm 11/05/21 Fight, Lake Leelanau, People fighting. One subject departed on a bicycle, eastbound, red jacket, gray backpack. Departing scene, looking for other party that departed on a bicycle.

9:20pm 11/05/21 Disorderly, Suttons Bay, 45-18 called out, en route back to the school after receiving a text that the fans are getting kind of rowdy. Secure, all set for now. Other team is all cleared out.

10:15pm 11/05/21 Family Trouble, Bingham Township, In front of the inn there is a domestic dispute going on after a wedding. Multiple subjects yelling and trying to throw chairs. No injuries that the reporting party can see. One person left in a blue BMW sedan (unknown direction of travel).

10:48pm 11/05/21 Suspicious Incident, W. Stocking Road & W. Day Forest Road, Two males dressed in camo with high-powered flashlights, head lamps and compound bows. Reporting party thinks they are hunting illegally. Reporting party saw them get into a Dodge Ram 2500 with a camper on the back. Made contact. Other party hit the deer with the bow earlier in the evening and went back out at 10:30pm to track it. They were stopped by female who was very concerned that they were hunting. Will give the reporting party a call.

1:59am 11/06/21 Citizen Assist, Elmwood Twp., Lady came knocking on reporting party’s door, believes she was either abducted or held hostage in the basement. Per reporting party, the female is highly had been drinking, states she left because she felt unsafe. Status secure no further. Will be going back to the other residence.

7:06am 11/06/21 Car Deer, S. Cedar Road, Blue truck. They would like the deer. No report, no sign of damage to the side of the vehicle. Permit issued for deer.

7:11am 11/06/21 Welfare Check, W. Philip St; Dick’s Pour House, Male possibly sleeping in car. Reporting party unsure if he is actually sleeping or if there is an emergency. Reporting party shined her flashlight on him and he did not move. Unable to locate vehicle.

7:48pm 11/06/21 Fire Misc., S. Townline Road; Sugar Loaf, On the golf course near hole 14 on the Sugar Loaf golf course and another near another hole. There are small fires that are going that look like they may have been part of a controlled burn. Reporting party is concerned due to the high level winds in the area of Sugar Loaf. Will be looking for the fires. Located one of the fires. Throwing embers into the woods. We have one put out with water and dirt. Other fire looks like it may be under control. All fires put out, will be contacting the golf course on Monday.

10:30pm 11/06/21 Minor in Possession, Cleveland Township, Anonymous reporting party is reporting kids (approx. 12 or more that are 15-18 years old) drinking and a strong odor of marijuana. All parents have picked up their kids or arranged for others to pick them up.

4:01pm 11/07/21 Citizen Assist, Leland, Giving an intoxicated hunter from North Manitou a ride to the lodge in Peshawbestown.

7:57pm 11/07/21 Lost Property, S. Kasson Street, Reporting party dropped their Macbook Air computer in the road in front of their house, before they realized and went to go pick it up a red pickup grabbed it and left. Reporting party doesn't know what to do about it and doesn't believe it was "stolen." Leave as lost property, the reporting party does not want to file any reports.

2:10am 11/08/21 Suspicious Incident, S. Coleman Road, Someone rang the doorbell at 1:54am. Reporting party could see a white male with white t-shirt and dark color pants on the camera with nothing further. Reporting party has a motion sense light on the driveway that he did not notice going off. Reporting party does not need contact, just thought it was suspicious activity.

Second caller. Suspect: Hispanic male with white shirt with pajama pants. Chain necklace. Last seen walking down driveway in the area. Subject told reporting party that his car broke down and that he was trying to get ahold of wife. Out with male at the corner of M-72 and Coleman. Request EMS. Backed into a ditch north of Shimek's corner. Look for a Town & Country on the west side of the road. Male reports he fell on the porch, he has blood on his arm. On sobriety. Patient refusal. In custody for Operating Under the Influence of Drugs. Request Leland for blood draw.

6:27pm 11/08/21 Welfare Check, Solon Township, Reporting party called his friend asked how he was doing, he said he was feeling a bit confused. He is positive for COVID, said he would like to see someone about it. Clear with refusal.

7:26pm 11/08/21 Unconscious, Elmwood Township, Male that passed out, also is COVID positive. Patient refusal, clear and available.

6:36am 11/09/21 Domestic, S. West-Bay Shore, GTCO received a 911 call from this number, said it sounded like a couple was fighting, the number was then called again and a male and female were arguing but neither would talk on the phone or answer any questions. Lights off in the house. Subject sleeping in bed. Trying to make contact. Female in custody.

11:46am 11/09/21 Unconscious, Kasson Township, Unconscious, COVID positive. Not breathing at all. Contact Medical Examiner Investigator. Negative transport.


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