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Latest Leelanau Blotter And 911 Report

By Ticker Staff | Oct. 15, 2021

The Leelanau Ticker’s weekly look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the October 7 to October 14 call reports:

9:36am 10/07/21 Vehicle Fire, E. Hoxie Rd., Truck on fire. Pickup truck fully engulfed. Require tanker from Elmwood.

10:33am 10/07/21 Citizen Assist, N. Manitou Trl., Installing fiber optic line on property illegally. 13 acres. Has crossed field.

1:55pm 10/07/21 Suspicious Incident, N. Ranger Rd., Guy pulled into driveway by house. Turned car off. Saw reporting party out back and took off and left. Driving an old El Camino. No plate obtained.

11:39am 10/08/21 Animal Control – Lost Dog, E. Hoxie Rd., Dog got out during vehicle fire yesterday. Border collie mix, black and white, nub tail, About 60 pounds, he is microchipped, male, neutered.

5:49pm 10/08/21 Threats, S. Lacore Rd., Empire, Same subject is still calling the business threatening reporting party, saying he created an enemy, doesn't know who he is dealing with.

6:41pm 10/08/21 Motorist Assist, E. Old Mountain Rd., Vehicle on side of the road and people in some bushes picking berries.

8:10pm 10/08/21 Vehicle Fire, E. Lincoln Rd., Elmwood, Vehicle is overturned and on fire, one person out, one possibly in the ditch. Alpha 11 should be en route shortly. Per command: request another ALS unit. Two patients. Giving medical care to one now. Request additional tones for Elmwood Fire. Alpha 11 en route. Fire is out. Both patients transported. 20 min. Status secure.

1:52am 10/09/21 Suspicious Vehicle, Good Harbor Beach, G 45-15 / 45-21 called out with a vehicle at the beach. Subjects sleeping.

6:07am 10/09/21 Illegal Camping, Good Harbor Beach, Blue Honda van with no plate that has been there all night.

9:31am 10/09/21 Malicious Destruction of Property, W. Western Ave., Guests cars’ covered in American cheese, the third time this has happened. Cameras at Anderson’s IGA across the road may have got video of cars parked on side of road. Unwrapped cheese slices, probably an entire pack this time around. Info for patrol. No report at this time.

11:13am 10/10/21 Domestic, Pierce Stocking Dr., Reporting party's now ex-boyfriend assaulted reporting party's son yesterday. Tx to NPS07, he will do follow up and most likely pass on to local MSP post in Battle Creek where the reporting party resides.

6:53pm 10/10/21 Welfare Check, E. Cherry Bend Rd., Walking in the middle of the road. Blue shirt, white hair and had a walker. Reporting party got her out of the road and back onto the walking path. Female was very disoriented. Per radio traffic, staff member on the trail advised that they already located her and brought her inside.

7:49pm 10/10/21 Road Hazard, S. Dune Hwy., Tree landed on a car in the area of Scenic Drive. Tree is half over the road. Someone hit the tree but they left. Tree blocking one side of the road. Tree has been removed from the roadway.

7:51pm 10/10/21 Disorderly, W. Western Ave., Rowdy customer cursing and refusing to leave. Has been drinking. Getting in a black truck. Be on the lookout.

9:46am 10/11/21 Civil, Suttons Bay, Tenants on lease are the only ones allowed to be there. Nine other subjects living there. Check welfare of children. No status needed. Unable to locate.

3:35pm 10/11/21 Larceny, S. Shabwasung St., Reporting theft at farm Stand. Reporting party has camera up and has three instances of same woman taking produce and putting a couple quarters in box. 45-26 believes he knows who the suspect is. Has admitted to taking items from the roadside stand. She is being issued a citation for larceny.

4:55pm 10/11/21 Operating While Intoxicated, S. West St. & N. Manitou Trl., Called out by 45-26, checking on a vehicle. On sobrieties. One in custody.

5:46pm 10/11/21 Traffic Violation, S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Black pickup tried to “take me out." Was purposely driving slow for reporting party to pass then sped up. Turned on Birch Point. Older truck.

7:00pm 10/11/21 Disorderly, S. West-Bay Shore, Reporting party is reporting a man who was in the road and the reporting party almost hit him with his vehicle. Now the man is leaning up against a power pole just south of Dockside. Reporting party advised the man got up and is walking west and south towards Carter Rd. Out with the individual on M-22 just north of Holiday. En route to Traverse City to drop off. One in custody for being disorderly. En route to Munson to get medical clearance. Clear of Munson and en route back to the jail.

9:20pm 10/11/21 Family Trouble, Kasson Twp., Reporting party's boyfriend has been drinking and reporting party wants him gone, he threw pizza. Reporting party states he is the only one who has been drinking.

10:19pm 10/11/21 911 Hang-up, Kasson Twp., 911 hangup. Could hear someone yelling in the background; no answer on callback. Taking male half to another location.

1:47am 10/12/21 Commitment, Cedar, Rec calls, "Can't take it anymore." Last heard from 3-4 minutes ago, sounds like he has been drinking. No mention of weapons. Male in protective custody. En route to MMC with subject.

3:54pm 10/12/21 Info, E. Duck Lake Rd., Someone stole the Trump flag from his mailbox.

10:32am 10/13/21 Domestic, Elmwood Twp., Husband slapped and choked her, no weapons, he is in the kitchen and she is in the bedroom. Leaving in white Dodge. Unknown direction. Stopped vehicle at Bugai and 72. One in custody.

5:20pm 10/13/21 Welfare Check, S. West-Bay Shore, There is a man sleeping on the Elmwood Township overflow parking, has a bike and a trailer with stuff in it, sleeping in a sleeping bag no tent. Unable to locate.

5:42pm 10/13/21 911 Hang-up, E. North Wind Trl., Child caller, asked "How are you doing," not able to answer any questions, disconnected. Second call. Found the phone just kids playing with it.

7:14pm 10/13/21 Disorderly, N West-Bay Shore Dr, GTB11/GTB13 advised out. There is an argument going on in one of the rooms. Verbal argument. Both parties are separated for the evening.

2:37am 10/14/21 Suspicious Vehicle, S. Lacore Rd, Empire, Reporting party is reporting a blue 4-door smaller sedan parked in front of the fire station for several hours, seems to be staying the night in the vehicle. Subject did exit the vehicle and walk around, he also set off his car alarm. Subject ran out of gas, will be here until morning. Will be all set here.


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