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Latest Leelanau Blotter And 911 Report (Labor Day Weekend Edition)

By Ticker Staff | Sept. 8, 2021

The Leelanau Ticker’s post-holiday weekend look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 Dispatch. There were a total of 826 computer aided dispatch calls (and over 100 traffic stops) between 12am September 3 and 7am September 7. The following is excerpted from that time period.

1:05am 09/03/21 Noise, D.H. Day; Site is causing a bunch of noise. Reporting party has already tried talking to them but did not work.

8:49am 09/03/21 Info, W. Burdickville Road; Outdoor chairs all turned around backwards. Last night noticed SUV backing down driveway. 20-30 chairs.

9:44am 09/03/21 Hemorrhage, S. Dunns Farm Road; Cut with yard shears.

2:52pm 09/03/21 Suspicious Incident, S. Dunns Farm Road; Man is there, mid 50's, white hair, T-shirt with suspenders, blue jeans, purchased two hard seltzers, he’s intoxicated. Maroon SUV departed, unknown direction.

8:21pm 09/03/21 Traffic Violation, S. Lake Leelanau Drive; Reporting Party has been following a dark color Ford truck since the Farm Club area. Bouncing between lines and driving slowly.

10:37pm 09/03/21 Suspicious Vehicle, S. Pine Tree Lane; Someone sitting at the end of the road shining their bright lights into caller’s house. Reporting party thinks they might be robbing people. Has been sitting there about 45 minutes. Subject is just waiting in vehicle for family to finish dinner party.

11:44pm 09/03/21 Noise, N. Dockside Circle; Trespassers in the hot tub behind the pool that closes at 2300. 6 or 7 occupants out there. Reporting party does not know if they are residents. He was not going to approach subjects since he was told by management to call Leelanau County Sheriff’s office if this occurred. They left the hot tub. The reporting party was a resident who had been drinking themselves.

5:29am 09/04/21 Suspicious Person, N. West-Bay Shore; Around 2000 there is a vehicle that drove from Suttons Bay to the Lodge. No one got out. The vehicle is now at the gas station. Male subject was running around and may be talking to himself. Made contact with individual. He ran out of fuel and is waiting for them to open. He was calming down after a bad day.

9:51am 09/04/21 Citizen Assist, S. Mann Road; Called about a vehicle turning around in his driveway. He has video of same. When asked if he wanted to see an officer about the situation, he became very agitated and screamed that he just wants the vehicle pulled over. The Mercedes driver said he is a contractor for home depot and was looking for an address and used driveway turn around. 45-19 and 45-05 both went back and explained the circumstances.

11:06am 09/04/21 Unconscious, N. Omena Point Road; In woods. Tunnel vision. On a trail near Fire Lane 5. Lightheaded, blurry vision, weak. Unit response: priority 1

7:56pm 09/04/21 Traffic Violation, E. Crain Hill Road; White jeep passed reporting party heading northbound on M-22, passing vehicles without having room. Passed another vehicle that had to break to allow him in. Subject is now tailgating vehicles.

10:17am 09/05/21 Animal Control Welfare Check, S. St. Joseph Street, Pen or cage with animal inside. Can’t tell what it is. Concerned for animal welfare in pen. Looks like chickens. Chickens are fine. Have food and water.

11:19am 09/05/21 Allergies, N. Onominese Trail; Call dropped, unable to reconnect. Caller statement: bee sting. Unit response: priority 1 code: difficulty speaking between breaths

12:06pm 09/05/21 Watercraft Misc., N. West-Bay Shore; Single red kayak, people in the water. Reporting party thinks that the people are back on board, possibly two adults and a child. Making headway towards northport. 45-24 advised, based on the latest sighting, to go to the east end of Camp Haven Road for eyes on. 45-40, 45-42 underway from Suttons Bay. From reporting party’s house, appears kayakers made it to shore just south of Timber Shores.

3:57pm 09/05/21 Suspicious Incident, N. Lighthouse Point; Walking on beach, woman yelled at them and then grabbed them. Spoke with the reporting party, going to speak with DNR staff to determine where the offending woman may reside. Going back to the site, no status needed.

6:24pm 09/05/21 Traumatic Injury, N. Nanagosa Trail; Caller statement: fell off bike.

7:11pm 09/05/21 Traffic Violation, S. Lake Shore Drive; Reporting Party is reporting a blue vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed past her house multiple times during the day. Unsure what kind of vehicle it is, she can only describe it as a “blue streak” due to how fast it is going.

8:55pm 09/05/21 Info, E. Bingham Road, 2 people on the beach with a campfire going. Reporting party advised that the park is closed for the night and also fires are not allowed on that beach. Reporting party asked them to leave and they said they were not going to. Reporting party called back and advised that they are leaving. He is going to check after they leave to ensure that the fire it indeed out. Per 45-08, he will pass through the area in his travels and make sure everything is okay.




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