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The Latest Leelanau Blotter And 911 Report

Sept. 22, 2021

The Leelanau Ticker's weekly look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the September 14 to September 20 call reports:

11:00am 9/15/21 911 Hangup, S. Glen Lake Rd. 9-11 call from cell; elderly couple having coffee, everything fine. 

4:16pm 9/15/21 Neighbor, S. Lake St. Reporting person is target shooting and neighbor came over and wants them to stop. Reporting person requesting a deputy. Reporting person was lawfully shooting his firearm. 

4:28pm 9/15/21 Suspicious Incident, S. Jeannine St. Male is going into the road and sticking his hand down his pants. Reporting person just wants extra patrols in the area.

5:43pm 9/16/21 Neighbor, S. Winged Foot Circle Being harassed by neighbors who are coming onto her property claiming it is for insurance proposes wanting to take photos and measurements.

8:24pm 9/16/21 Family Trouble, E. Ki-Dah-Keh Mi-Ku Sister is helping brother move, is refusing to give phone back to mom.

1:04am 9/17/21 Noise, N. School Hill Ct Reporting loud obnoxious party noises coming from above address. Would like them quieted down.

1:01am 9/18/21 Suspicious Incident, S. Maple City Rd. Girlfriend stole something out of his wallet and is also having a mental breakdown. Caller would not give name and halfway through the call he said it was fine and he doesn’t need help.

5:58pm 9/18/21 Missing Kayaker, Boughey Park Missing kayaker, 23-year-old son was in it, not able to see him anymore. Has been gone over an hour. Coast Guard notified but Elmwood Fire Dept launching from Hilltop, sees a kayaker. Made contact. Coast Guard notified to stand down.

10:25am 9/19/21 Citizen Assist, S. West Bayshore Drive Man on jet ski keeps driving recklessly on the water causing a problem. Caller is frustrated because he has called previously about it but hasn’t received a timely response. Now has a video he wants them to see. Spoke with RP, he is already working with marine patrol and will forward video to them. 

4:49pm 9/19/21 Traffic Violation, S. Kasson St. Says there are four motorcycles currently parked in front of Bunting’s that have been driving in the area extremely fast. RP was passed on a double yellow coming into Cedar. 

12:58pm 9/20/21 Fraud, S. Lake Shore Dr. Scam call for Department of Health & Human Services.

4:00pm 9/20/21 Neighbor, S. Winged Foot Circle Having ongoing problems regarding neighbor’s trying to group her private property into their commercial property. Tired of being harassed and she is not getting any guidance on what she can actually do about it.


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Latest Leelanau Blotter And 911 Report

The Leelanau Ticker’s weekly look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau ...

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