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The Latest Leelanau County Blotter & 911 Call Report

By Ticker Staff | Sept. 6, 2023

The Leelanau Ticker is back with a look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the August 29 to September 4 call reports.

8:01am 8/29/2023 Suspicious Incident Elmwood Twp., Caller’s neighbor pulled her car into the road at 06:00 and the dog is still in the car and it is still running and in the road. 

10:27am 8/29/2023 Building Check Lake Leelanau, Red door on the building is ajar, noticed it yesterday and it is still ajar today. 

4:57pm 8/29/2023 Trespassing Elmwood Twp., Caller is being harassed by trespassers again.

5:50pm 8/29/2023 Abandoned Vehicle Elmwood Twp., Volkswagen Bug appears to be abandoned, has been there a few days. 

7:01am 8/30/2023 Animal Control E Cherry Bend Rd., 2 large dogs running towards 22 on Cherry Bend. 

9:21am 8/30/2023 Citizen Assist Leelanau Cty., Poor connection but gleaned that there are utility workers in her yard and they are destroying her hostas.

10:36pm 8/30/2023 Gunshots N West-Bay Shore Dr., Caller advised he was in a ditch on the side of the road and could hear gunshots to the north of him.

4:24pm 8/31/2023 Lost Property Leelanau Cty., Lost kayak from AirBnb today. 

6:06pm 8/31/2023 Animal Control Lake Leelanau, Neighbor’s dogs are constantly barking. Has a 47 minute long video of them barking. 

12:56am 9/1/2023 Suspicious Incident Suttons Bay, Located missing subject inside house. 

8:17am 9/1/2023 Fire Gas Leak Cedar, Caller reports sulfer-like rotten egg smell outside, said kids noticed it about 10 minutes ago.

4:40pm 9/1/2023 Animal Control Maple City, Caller has been working with 45-30, came home today to find evidence that the dogs have been in the yard. 

5:21pm 9/1/2023 Suspicious Person Northport, 2 subjects are sitting there with beers and a bong.

6:53pm 9/1/2023 MDOP Lake Leelanau, Toyota left vineyard and drove two miles, have a flat tire, possibly slashed. 

10:15pm 9/1/2023 Info S West-Bay Shore Dr., 19 stars came across the horizon north to south in a row then disappeared. 

6:45pm 9/2/2023 Misc Juvenile Glen Lake Narrows, 2 younger males sitting over the edge of the rail of the bridge and a younger one running down the road towards them. 

11:22pm 9/2/2023 Noise Leelanau Twp., Loud music and people shouting and screaming. 

3:06am 9/3/2023 Disorderly Suttons Bay Twp., People fighting at caller’s house.

1:15pm 9/3/2023 Animal Control Lost Lake Leelanau, Report dog, small chihuahua, tan older dog, been missing for 2 hours, no collar. 

1:49am 9/4/2023 Welfare Check Leelanau Twp., The house to the east of the caller has an outdoor light that was flashing.

12:35pm 9/4/2023 Missing Person E Cherry Bend Rd., Family took on a day trip without signing out. 

7:31pm 9/4/2023 Found Property Kasson Twp., iPhone found on the side of the road. 


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