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The Latest Leelanau County Blotter & 911 Call Report

By Ticker Staff | March 20, 2024

The Leelanau Ticker is back with a look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the March 12 to March 17 call reports.

12:44am 3/12/2024 Info Broadway St., Message from FBI National Threat Operation Center, information sharing, see details in state returns.

1:23pm 3/12/2024 Misc Complaint Suttons Bay Twp., Hand delivered complaint to the SO.

3:52pm 3/12/2024 Building Check Northport, Caller is concerned because side gate was open yesterday and there was trash on the kitchen counter, is nervous and would like a deputy to search the building and see if there is any evidence of someone on the premise. Checked the building, no cause for concern. 

4:47pm 3/12/2024 Animal Control Leelanau Cty., Male golden retriever “Remington” ran off in the last 3-4 hours, Carhartt collar, no tags. 

11:42pm 3/12/2024 911 Hangup Suttons Bay Twp., 911 call, male voice on line. Unable to make out any words. No answer on callback. Whole house is dark. Checked with homeowners, everything is good about the house, will check the area. Unfounded.

8:18am 3/13/2024 Suspicious Incident Leelanau Cty., Caller states they got a weird phone call asking what start time was and if she had questions for the person, they laughed and hung up. San Francisco area code. 

3:17pm 3/13/2024 Citizen Assist Suttons Bay Twp., Says he has evidence of fraud and intimidation regarding a court case. Would like to speak with an officer. 

7:50am 3/14/2024 Threats Leelanau Cty., Threats to burn down the house. 

10:21am 3/14/2024 Fire Smoke Empire Twp., Smells strange odor from bathroom vents. Unfounded, no hazards found. 

5:34pm 3/14/2024 Threats E Traverse Hwy., Caller received a phone call at work and was threatened.

5:45pm 3/14/2024 Building Check S West-Bay Shore Dr., Caller has camera and a lot of racket in the house, bird inside. 

11:09am 3/15/2024 Suspicious Incident Northport, Plume of smoke moving southeast on the water, called GT and they have no reports of anything, thinks it’s a tug boat that is moving southbound, can no longer see it. 

4:13pm 3/15/2024 Suspicious Incident Maple City, Someone is tampering with the caller’s mail, he has video footage of someone going into his mailbox. 

2:18am 3/16/2024 Alarm Suttons Bay Twp., Residential burglar alarm through ADT/TEXTY. At the residence, lights are on, inside lights off, there is an open door. Making entry, house is secure, please contact homeowner to see if code can be used to close front door. Homeowner is out of town. Spoke with homeowner, house is alarmed and locked. 

12:33pm 3/17/2024 Animal Control S West-Bay Shore Dr., Female standard poodle in the middle of te road, teal blue collar but tags are not readable. Caller bringing the dog to the SO.

2:49pm 3/17/2024 Welfare Check Kasson Twp., Baby was wearing diapers and no shoes on a picnic table, caller knocked and no one came to the door and the baby was crying, then three little children about 4 and 3 came to the door and caller told them to bring the baby inside and they did but no adult seemed to be there.


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