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This Week's Leelanau County Blotter and 911 Call Report

By Ticker Staff | June 4, 2021

The Leelanau Ticker's weekly look at the most alarming, offbeat, or otherwise newsworthy calls to the Leelanau Office of Emergency Management/911 dispatch. The following is excerpted from the May 27 to June 2 call reports:

9:44AM 05/27/21 Suspicious Incident, S. West Bay Shore Drive, Needs to speak with deputy about people going through mailbox. Found his mailbox open with coffee cup in it, coffee still warm.

1:16PM 05/27/21 Watercraft Found, N. Pebble Beach Drive, Boat drifting in the bay, blue on the bottom white on top, no MC numbers. Made contact with boat, it is in slip in Suttons Bay Marina and boat owner has been advised.

8:57AM 05/28/21 Dispatch Deer, E. Timberwoods Drive, There is a small deer in the driveway that appears to be injured. On arrival 45-15 determined that the animal appears to be newborn and is still trying to find its balance. Mom deer is likely in the area; recommended to leave the animal and it will likely be reunited with mom.

10:43AM 05/29/21 Suspicious Incident, W. Day Farm Road, Reporting party advised a green Toyota Tacoma stopped at the intersection and a male got out and started sprinting into the woods carrying a hunting rifle and wearing camo. The truck then proceeded to speed off.

11:25AM 05/29/21 Unconscious, E. Hoxie Road, Says wife noticed a man in a pickup with a flat trailer tire, appears to be passed out in the vehicle. Approximately 35-year-old man, became agitated upon being woken up by another passerby.

1:08PM 05/29/21 Animal Control Welfare Check, Sleeping Bear Point Trail, White Ford Edge, window is cracked but dog is panting heavily. Has been there for over an hour. Gone on arrival.

2:50PM 05/29/21 Animal at Large, S. Birch Point Road, Two calves got out overnight. Calves were located near Lakeview Hills Road eating grass, returned safely.

3:19PM 05/29/21 Parking, N. Rose Street, White and orange RV parked on reporting party’s property and wants them to move.

3:50PM 05/29/21 Citizen Assist, S. Dune Highway, Dune Climb, National Park Service out with an 8-to-10-year-old boy that cannot find his parents. NPS06 made contact with his parents at the top of the dunes. Child reunited with parents.

3:55PM 05/29/21 Trespassing, Sugar Loaf Mountain Road, Seven cars parked at the resort and people going in and out of the building.

10:47PM 05/29/21 Fireworks, S. Maple City Road, Very large fireworks going on for 10 minutes, Reporting party’s horses are going nuts. Per 45-08, no local ordinance for Kasson Township on fireworks, following state law that fireworks are allowed before Memorial Day.

8:00AM 05/30/21 Found Property, W. Eighth Street, Found a Nintendo switch in the middle of the road; will drop off at the Sheriff’s Office later today.

12:01PM 05/30/21 Animal at Large, Good Harbor Beach Road, Per NPS06: given a dog-off-leash citation twice now and he advised ranger that he does not agree with the national park’s guidelines of keeping a dog on leash and intends to keep doing it.

1:03PM 05/30/21 Animal at Large, E. Gatzke Road, Pig on the loose.

7:53PM 05/30/21 Traffic Violation, S. Lake Shore Drive, Wife is intoxicated, has open bottle of something she just threw on the ground. She is driving a brown GMC Sierra. Reported route of travel on 643.

9:51PM 05/30/21 Traffic Violation, S. Lake Leelanau Drive, Caller is reporting a red Suburban that almost ran them off the road, now driving on wrong side of the road, swerving side to side.

11:53PM 05/30/21 Suspicious Incident, W. Florence Street, Boat with bright orange lights on South Bar in Empire. They got out and got on reporting party’s dock, fooled around then left again.

9:54AM 05/31/21 Disorderly, W. Broadway, Female out in parking lot screaming at customers. Suspect is sitting on her porch right now.

11:02AM 05/31/21 Motor Vehicle Crash, E. Shetland, Reporting party believed a golf ball hit the driver’s side window of their car, and husband is bleeding. Do not need ambulance.

11:53AM 05/31/21 Disorderly, W. Broadway, Female with bottle of booze running people off bike trail into the roadway. Currently hiding in bushes. Black leggings/blue hoodie. Advises she will stay at her house for the next 36 hours.

6:18PM 05/31/21 Citizen Assist, S. Stocking Scenic Drive, NPS05 report of female with tweaked knee at base of Overlook. Dad hiking down to patient, will meet him there. Change of plans; patient making way to top.

10:33AM 06/01/21 Found Property, S. West Bay Shore Drive, Reporting party’s brother found a large amount of cash in the parking lot at Speedway.

3:10PM 06/01/21 Suspicious Incident, S. Dune Highway, Vehicle did not pay at entrance, proceeded into park anyway. Per NPS05, found vehicle, occupants on the Dune Climb. Will wait for them to return.

4:46PM 06/01/21 Watercraft Traffic Stop, Little Glen Lake, 45-42 issued citation, adult female pulled on tube without PFD.  

3:30AM 06/02/21 Watercraft Miscellaneous, Harbor West, Reporting party is reporting an older boat with no lights is dragging out the barge into the bay, in the middle of the bay, best area will be the coal docks to investigate. Heard radio traffic via Coast Guard and boat towing barge: vessel’s name is Stormin’ Normin.

4:01PM 06/02/21 Citizen Assist, Empire Bluff Trail, Black KIA Sorento. Took too many edibles and would like a park ranger to bring them some water.


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