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Leelanau County’s AllMusicConsidered Releases Debut Music Video, “If It Don't Bleed”

By Emily Tyra | June 27, 2022

The Leelanau County duo AllMusicConsidered announced the release of their first music video this month, featuring the James McMurtry song, If It Don’t Bleed.

Sandy Dhuyvetter and George Powell — who are based in Northport and are a duo in life and music — share their version of the tune with lyrics sung by Powell, also on mandolin, and Dhuyvetter on the accordion. In addition to performing live shows in the region as AllMusicConsidered, Dhuyvetter and Powell also play on the interactive livestreaming entertainment site Twitch.tv, with 12,000 followers. “It is an interesting story for folks our age to thrive on a livestream,” shares Dhuyvetter, whom locals may also know as director of Leelanau UnCaged (yep, returning this September!). She is also beloved around the globe as Momma Fett

“We have clocked in over 1,000 hours on Twitch and [in a single day recently] we had 32,000 unique viewers in our stream, and we just took in almost 500 new followers. I’m sort of blown away,” she tells the Leelanau Ticker.

The AllMusicConsidered channel continues to attract new listeners weekly to the three-hour programs, airing three times each week.

The debut video was directed and produced by New Hero Pictures, founded by Christopher Jones and Lydia Keen Woodruff, who run the production house in Northport. They are currently creating a film based on the life of artist Tom Woodruff, and they also specialize in commercials for local businesses and support music video production for artists in the area.

“This music video is so rich because of Lydia and Chris,” says Dhuyvetter. “We are grateful.”

The 5-minute video includes toe-tapping, wine-swigging, cameos by the couple’s dog, and scenes filmed on Northport-area beaches. Says Powell, a world-renowned boat builder and restorer, “Chris and Lydia brought their creativity to the table and enhanced the music with the backdrop of our beautiful area.”

Woodruff noted of the collaboration, “Sandy and George have this magic about them that translates in everything they do. It was such an eye-opening experience to work with them on this, see their process, and help share it with the world. They are doing huge things in a small town, and we love to see that.” Jones added: “I moved here from El Paso just last year, and the art scene here is so alive and inspiring.”

The AllMusicConsidered music video is available on YouTube.

Above: Still from the new AllMusicConsidered music video by New Hero Pictures (Lydia Keen Woodruff).


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